Friday, June 22, 2012

Journey with me

Becoming a mother is almost every women's dream, and at times it can be  frightening especially with the bad wrap that is attached to pregnancy in western society.
But I have realized that becoming a mother is a very rewarding and powerful experience that helps you evolve spiritually. With each one of my pregnancies I have gone through powerful spiritual transformations, that were so powerful that my entire life changed with each one of my precious children.
More and more women are beginning to embrace the gifts of pregnancy and use that power to transform, heal  and grow into the goddesses we are.
I have experienced becoming a mother 3 times and now I am embarking on my last journey as a mother with the birth of my soon to be twin boys.
Each pregnancy I have had has been different and has brought many gifts as well as allowing me to shed many beliefs and blocks that has held me from following my higher path.

With this last and final pregnancy I want to take you on a journey with me as I evolve into a higher level with the birth of my twin cubs. I'll share tips, stories, food idea's for those strong cravings and ways you too can have a spiritual experience while giving birth.

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