Friday, June 22, 2012

32 Weeks ~ My Spiritual Pregnancy

I am approaching the end of my 32nd week of my pregnancy and unlike most pregnant mothers I really enjoy being pregnant. I feel really good health wise I have plenty of energy to keep up with my family I feel really good. 
One thing I have realized is that your body feels as good as you think it will feel. 
I remember when I was younger I would complain about being pregnant and I truly felt that way, but now I no longer complain, I am amazed at how my body is growing and I look at my body as this safe haven for my babies. They are safe and getting everything they need to grow. Looking at my pregnancy in this way has shifted my perspective of being pregnant so now I can enjoy and receive all the wonderful gifts that pregnancy can bring as well as making it a great experience. I've learned that I have conscious control of creating all of my experiences to their highest potential and that includes my pregnancy.

However my sleep has been interrupted lately due to my growing belly so this weeks challenge for me was to find the best sleeping position for me, now this task was quite difficult because I thought it would be impossible, but I found away and this may help anybody who is or will be in my position. I found that sleeping propped up in the bed with pillows while I slept help me get a restful nights sleep and it relieved alot of discomfort I experienced when I had to turn or get out the bed for my night time bathroom trips.

My diet has also changed a lot this week due to my growing womb taking up space in my digestive cavity. Because of this my meals have been a lot smaller but more frequent I snack more on fruits and nuts. If I tried to eat big greasy meals I would be miserable with indigestion and heartburn..... So below I made a list of great foods that are great to eat, packed with nutrients, and are heart burn free.

  • Grapes (Green & Red)
  • Berries
  • Kiwi
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • Pistachios
  • Trail mix
  • Raisins

These foods are great snacks especially if your on the go, like I am. These foods keep my satisfied in between my meals and they give me loads of energy.

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