Friday, June 22, 2012

Did we plan this?

A lot of people ask me all the time did I plan for more children. To be honest I was aware that I would have two more children ( I was told this during a spiritual reading), but,  I did not know when or that I would be having twins although I know it was a possibility.
When I found out I was pregnant it was very unexpected I wasn't ready for another child, but as always I go with the flow. Before it was confirmed that we were expecting twins I noticed about 8 weeks into the pregnancy that my uterus was measuring a little bigger then usual. ( yes I measured my own uterus) So I knew deep down  I was carrying twins, so when my ultra sound confirmed twins it wasn't a surprise.

Did we plan this?

I'm sharing this story because I think it is funny when I tell people how we got pregnant because we always get "Did you plan it?" And the answer is no. The night I conceived was the night I tested out my natural sexual enhancement tea "Tantric Lover", this tea was created as an aid to help couples in the bedroom as well as naturally improve sexual performance and reproductive functions in both male and female.
When my husband and I drank the tea and tested it out and sure enough the tea worked just as I thought it would, but what I fell to realize was...... the tea not only improved our sexual experience, but it also increased fertility..... When I realized this I was happy to know that my product worked, but come on now!!..... really....!!! I laugh every time I think of that!!!
I do believe that my Tantric Lover tea did increase our chances of getting pregnant as well as increase our chances of having twin along with our family history. But this is not the case for everyone Tantric lover is a great aphrodisiac to take for fun.

At my Blessings way 2012
Now, I'm here expecting twin boys in a few weeks really happy, sharing with the world a special moment in my life and my families lives. Hoping that I can help inspire woman to transform their lives to creating the highest expression of themselves.... So did I plan this? No, would I change anything or have any regrets?..... No, my life is unfolding just as it should be.

Azizah Nubia has precious jewels of knowledge & inspiration from the higher planes, to help the world restore balance. "The world that you see is a pure reflection of who you are, what is felt on the inside reflects whats on the outside." ~ Azizah Nubia 

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