Thursday, June 28, 2012

33 Weeks ~ My Spiritual Pregnancy

The end of my 33rd week of the pregnancy has been quite amazing experience spiritually as well as emotionally and physically.

Physically my body is starting to feel the final weeks of pregnancy approaching. The twins have settled deeper into my pelvis causing some soreness and a bit of pressure when I stand. 

Warm baths with dead sea salt, honey, jasmine, and lavender does wonders for the soreness.
My daily doses of spirulina help keep my energy up so I can keep up with my other little ones. 
I can feel that my body is preparing for the big day, due to an increase in Braxton Hicks contractions and pelvic pressure. When my body goes through this phase its a good time for me to practice my breathing and relaxation techniques they help me to stay relaxed instead of tensed. 

Overall emotionally I have been peaceful and balanced my daily stretching and crystal meditations have helped me have a calm mood during this Cancer moon cycle. This week I have worked with alot of Moonstone and Rose Quartz.

 Moonstone is good for love, inner balance, peace, harmony,

 intuition, soothing of stress and anxiety, brings about good

 fortune, enhances passion, and balances the yin and yang.

Rose Quartz  Adds positive love energy to relationships. Compassion and forgiveness. Calming, helps clear stored anger, resentment, jealousy, fears. Replaces negativity with harmony. Helps to balance upper four chakras and eases sexual/emotional imbalances. Enhances self-confidence and creativity. Aids kidneys and circulatory system, promotes release of impurities.

I decided to work with these two crystals this week because they both help make a Cancer moon phase alot easier, but they are also good stones to use during pregnancy. Our babies not only feed off of the foods that we eat, but we feed our babies emotionally, and spiritually. Working with these crystals helps me to be more centered and in-tuned with my body and my babies. 
 Overall this week is a great week no complications, just patiently awaiting the big day.

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Hypnosis ~ Eliminating birth fears

  When I found out I was pregnant with twins, you would think I would be excited and overjoyed. That was not the case finding out that I would be having twins left me feeling horrified. I had my mind wrapped around just having one baby, now "I have two babies living inside me, that I would have to eventually push out of my womb", were the thoughts rambling through my mind. Not to mention  birthing the my little ones naturally, I knew I did not want a medicated birth or worse a C-section. I knew I needed some reinforcements to keep my mind calm and give me the confidence to birth my twins naturally.

  Luckily a friend of mine told me about Hypnobabies, its a self hypnosis series made for women to prepare them for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and even birthing your twins naturally. I decided to give it a try and I have been using it since my 20th week of pregnancy and it is one of the best things I could have done during this pregnancy. After just a week of listening to the sessions I felt more confident in my body handling my pregnancy, my fears about birthing my twins naturally began to diminish, I actually began enjoying being pregnant. Hypnosis really helped me to be in control of my pregnancy  and to feel empowered to be actually growing my babies.

  I know every woman has fears about having a baby and alot of time I believe this is what causes so  complications during pregnancy and even during the birthing process. Our minds are powerful tools they can create our strongest desires and even our worst fear depending on where our attention goes. Hypnosis helped me to shift my negative thoughts about birth to positive ones and this changed my entire perspective about birthing my twins naturally. So now I am ready for the big day, I know there will be moments where I may shift back to those thoughts of fear, but using hypnosis help me remind myself of how powerful I am and that my body, mind, and spirit knows how to birth my babies naturally. 

  I recommend Hypnobabies to any women who wants a natural birth, but afraid to do so it changed my life and I know it will change yours.

Azizah Nubia has precious jewels of knowledge & inspiration from the higher planes, to help the world restore balance. "The world that you see is a pure reflection of who you are, what is felt on the inside reflects whats on the outside." ~ Azizah Nubia 

Azizah Nubia has precious jewels of knowledge & inspiration from the higher planes, to help the world restore balance.

 "The world you see is a pure reflection of who you are, what is felt on the inside reflects whats on the outside" ~ Azizah Nubia

Friday, June 22, 2012

Did we plan this?

A lot of people ask me all the time did I plan for more children. To be honest I was aware that I would have two more children ( I was told this during a spiritual reading), but,  I did not know when or that I would be having twins although I know it was a possibility.
When I found out I was pregnant it was very unexpected I wasn't ready for another child, but as always I go with the flow. Before it was confirmed that we were expecting twins I noticed about 8 weeks into the pregnancy that my uterus was measuring a little bigger then usual. ( yes I measured my own uterus) So I knew deep down  I was carrying twins, so when my ultra sound confirmed twins it wasn't a surprise.

Did we plan this?

I'm sharing this story because I think it is funny when I tell people how we got pregnant because we always get "Did you plan it?" And the answer is no. The night I conceived was the night I tested out my natural sexual enhancement tea "Tantric Lover", this tea was created as an aid to help couples in the bedroom as well as naturally improve sexual performance and reproductive functions in both male and female.
When my husband and I drank the tea and tested it out and sure enough the tea worked just as I thought it would, but what I fell to realize was...... the tea not only improved our sexual experience, but it also increased fertility..... When I realized this I was happy to know that my product worked, but come on now!!..... really....!!! I laugh every time I think of that!!!
I do believe that my Tantric Lover tea did increase our chances of getting pregnant as well as increase our chances of having twin along with our family history. But this is not the case for everyone Tantric lover is a great aphrodisiac to take for fun.

At my Blessings way 2012
Now, I'm here expecting twin boys in a few weeks really happy, sharing with the world a special moment in my life and my families lives. Hoping that I can help inspire woman to transform their lives to creating the highest expression of themselves.... So did I plan this? No, would I change anything or have any regrets?..... No, my life is unfolding just as it should be.

Azizah Nubia has precious jewels of knowledge & inspiration from the higher planes, to help the world restore balance. "The world that you see is a pure reflection of who you are, what is felt on the inside reflects whats on the outside." ~ Azizah Nubia 

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32 Weeks ~ My Spiritual Pregnancy

I am approaching the end of my 32nd week of my pregnancy and unlike most pregnant mothers I really enjoy being pregnant. I feel really good health wise I have plenty of energy to keep up with my family I feel really good. 
One thing I have realized is that your body feels as good as you think it will feel. 
I remember when I was younger I would complain about being pregnant and I truly felt that way, but now I no longer complain, I am amazed at how my body is growing and I look at my body as this safe haven for my babies. They are safe and getting everything they need to grow. Looking at my pregnancy in this way has shifted my perspective of being pregnant so now I can enjoy and receive all the wonderful gifts that pregnancy can bring as well as making it a great experience. I've learned that I have conscious control of creating all of my experiences to their highest potential and that includes my pregnancy.

However my sleep has been interrupted lately due to my growing belly so this weeks challenge for me was to find the best sleeping position for me, now this task was quite difficult because I thought it would be impossible, but I found away and this may help anybody who is or will be in my position. I found that sleeping propped up in the bed with pillows while I slept help me get a restful nights sleep and it relieved alot of discomfort I experienced when I had to turn or get out the bed for my night time bathroom trips.

My diet has also changed a lot this week due to my growing womb taking up space in my digestive cavity. Because of this my meals have been a lot smaller but more frequent I snack more on fruits and nuts. If I tried to eat big greasy meals I would be miserable with indigestion and heartburn..... So below I made a list of great foods that are great to eat, packed with nutrients, and are heart burn free.

  • Grapes (Green & Red)
  • Berries
  • Kiwi
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • Pistachios
  • Trail mix
  • Raisins

These foods are great snacks especially if your on the go, like I am. These foods keep my satisfied in between my meals and they give me loads of energy.

Journey with me

Becoming a mother is almost every women's dream, and at times it can be  frightening especially with the bad wrap that is attached to pregnancy in western society.
But I have realized that becoming a mother is a very rewarding and powerful experience that helps you evolve spiritually. With each one of my pregnancies I have gone through powerful spiritual transformations, that were so powerful that my entire life changed with each one of my precious children.
More and more women are beginning to embrace the gifts of pregnancy and use that power to transform, heal  and grow into the goddesses we are.
I have experienced becoming a mother 3 times and now I am embarking on my last journey as a mother with the birth of my soon to be twin boys.
Each pregnancy I have had has been different and has brought many gifts as well as allowing me to shed many beliefs and blocks that has held me from following my higher path.

With this last and final pregnancy I want to take you on a journey with me as I evolve into a higher level with the birth of my twin cubs. I'll share tips, stories, food idea's for those strong cravings and ways you too can have a spiritual experience while giving birth.