Tuesday, July 10, 2012

34 Weeks ~ My spiritual Pregnancy

34 weeks maternity picture
Week 34 has ended for me in, and I am so much closer to seeing my baby boys.  From my last visit with my health care provider and midwife the babies are estimated to weigh about 5lbs a piece, they are in a great position for d~day, and mama and babies health are above average.
To be considered full term in a twin pregnancy a mother much reach it to 36 weeks of gestation, which I believe I will not have a problem in doing so.
This is a very exciting time for me I feel that the end is almost near and this journey has been a wonderful experience.
So many people ask me how do I look so good pregnant especially carrying twins, I do not have the big swelled up pregnancy nose or any of the other "so -called" pregnancy symptoms that most women experience. I owe all of that to a healthy spirit, mind , and body I take care of myself on each level of my being and the results have been amazing. Being pregnant does not have to be a miserable experience its all about how you think. The one thing I committed myself to not doing during this pregnancy was not to hex myself with all the the complaining that most women subject themselves to while being pregnant stuff like "I feel horrible", or " I can't wait for this to be over", sayings like those are one of the reasons why pregnancy can be tough for some women. You are what you think.
This week has been my nesting week, I feel that my boys will be here in the next few weeks and I want to have my home prepared for their arrival. Now the nesting that I am speaking of is not the ordinary cleaning or getting the nursery ready I took it a step further and start doing some heavy energetic clearing. Remember the best thing you can do as an expecting mother is have a peaceful environment for you baby or babies to come home too. Believe it or not energy can effect how you new arrival settles into their new earth home.
Some of the things I began doing was removing all clutter and items around my house that no longer served a purpose. Negative energy hides itself in clutter and in messy environments. Secondly I have been going through my home every day and sprinkling dead sea salts on every inch of my floors, this neutralizes negative energy and it makes a big difference. You just sprinkle it on your floors leave it down for a hour and vacuum.... that easy. Finally I smudge my home with a combination of white sage, lavender, and sweet grass to purify my home, and welcome in loving spirits that protect my home and add a great vibration to our surroundings. To add a even better touch I recharged all of crystals I have around my home, and I brought blessing candles that I will burn during my labor and birthing process,
With birth fastly approaching these simple little rituals really enhance the environment  and brings a great loving energy to my home, I plan on doing this everyday until the babies come.
Next I plan on creating a crystal around my home especially for the babies so their transition from womb to land is a easy one.

Thank you for reading!

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